“What & How Do We Promote?”

*Definition of Promote: further the progress (something, especially a cause, venture, or aim); support or actively encourage.

We at P.L.O.T.S., promote on a business/employment level.

We assist in getting your resumè & cover letters going, job searches, interviewing tips, sharing of your job/entrepreneur business(es); sharing your business link on our website & social media pages, and on an administrative/clerical supportive aspect, we assist in lightening the workloads, which in turn, allows a smoother & more progressive workforce flow & accomplishment of goals.

*Definition derived from Bing search

Published by Poetry, Language Of the Soul (P.L.O.T.S)

{Maxwanette A Poetess} I have been writing poetry since the age of 5. I enjoy poetic expression and feel that, "Everyone Is A Poet." We all speak and in our speech, we express a message, that is usually attached to an emotion and or feeling. To me, this is poetry in it's natural form. I like to provide a forum to share my poetry, the poetry of others, writing resources, positive vibes & more.

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